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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It was a blink of eye when 2 years has passed after my last post in 1st Jan 2012 (Recap of 2011). Alot of things has been happen this 2 years and i would just like to share the happy things. Y? Because we should only remember happy and not sad things. Why slow us down with bad memories? Forget about it :)

Our biggest happiness will be the time when my wife Joan delivered our 1st baby son - Zen Ven on 24th March 2012. He bring us alot of joy and happiness. Now he is 21 months old and we are still in the process of learning to be a parent.

My brother Steve wedding on 9th Dec 2012. Baby Zen Ven is the one helping him to open the car door :)

 On 23rd March 2013, our baby Zen Ven 1 year old. We held a party for him at our house, invited some friends and relative. We bought a lot of old timer candy for kids and we bought 100 pieces of TOTO random generated number for the big guy as door gift. Was a very happy moments.

Finally after 2 years of stay, we have decided to install auto gate and we use this opportunity to maximize the gate for easier parking. Now we also do not need to worry about raining day anymore. 

We are so happy to have our 1st non national car :) Mazda 6. Initial we was waiting for Honda Accord, but when Mazda launch his new Mazda6, we were attracted by his new technology and design. We sold our Wajah on Aug 2012 and we purchased Mazda6 on Aug 2013. Thanks to my brother on loaning us his Myvi as transportation. 

Also has the chance to go oversea for meeting/training. Thailand we stayed at Le Meridian and Singapore at Marina Sand Bay. 5 Stars hotel really very different. Staying along at the room is sometime abit scary too :) hahahahaha....

We have bring our baby to visit Zoo, KLCC Aquaria, Genting, Cameron, Pangkor, etc. Although not oversea trip, but we still feel very happy because this is a family trip.

1st time making Cake and Biscuit and also trying new receipie for bread. Is a success!!!

2013 DiGi activity is Paint the Town Yellow + Annual dinner. Whole day, 1500 DiGizen wondering @ KL and playing games. Really happy with the activity and experience.

But i do have 1 last experience that is not that joyful in 2013. My 3yrs 1/2month boss & Kevin Khoo is leaving us for Telenor position. I have been going thru a very smooth journey in my career under Kevin guidance. Really appreciate all his help and guidance and opportunity given to me. Without him, i dont think i can go that far in DiGi. Anyway, i hope all the best to his future career. Kampateh.

Now in 2014, i will need to set new goal and make sure i can achieve it and have something to write in 2015. Key Learning: You need to set goal in order to achieve it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Recap

My last post was 25th Nov 2010, really paisheh . Today we have enter to 01012012, would like to have a quick recap of what happen to me in 2011. Alot of great things, first time experience, first time archievements, great career and great vacations in 2011.

What you can see above was my 1st 21KM Penang Marathon Run (Half Marathon). It was organized by Allianz and one of the sponsor was DiGi. Alot people told me that is impossible for me to complete the 21km run without practice. But i told myself that nothing is impossible if we "atleast" try. Yup, i managed to complete the run within time and is a great motivation and archievement for myself. Lesson learn? Yes, trust yourself, give it a try, never give up and ignore the negative comments. Thanks to DiGi to organize 40 buses & accomodations for DiGizen to take part on it, without this momentum i think i will not think of participate at all.

Also took parts in one of Operations yearly event. Team Building. Extremly nice but tough. Is not as simple as you thought. Not class room activity but hardcore activity. Held at Awana Genting. Food & Accomodations is superb. Eat until you can vomit. But when come to games, is as hard as running up hills, cross obstacles and make sure your whole team is with you. Lesson learn? Yes, Continue and never give up. Team Work is very important.

Great Vacation to Hong Kong & Macau with family members.Exciting trip but too hot :) If can choose again, dont go during summer time...Worse than Malaysia. Anyway, is great to be with my family. Macau food is cheap and extremly nice. Don't mention about the seafood, fantastic!!! But food in HK is abit costly. If HK Hotel Rooms can be "abit" BIGGER..It will be damn good!!! hahahah... Lesson learn? Yes, Don't forget about your parent while you enjoying with your love one. They deserved for a great vacations as well. If you have budget issues, i think will be nice if atleast you bring your parent to "Cuti -Cuti Malaysia". 

Don't forget about your close friend as well. Is nice to have a small gathering with your best friend during their birthday. We have a great makan makan at thai restaurant. Can't remember why our other "buddy" can't join us at that time..Lesson Learn? Yes, shared happiness and hard time flies :)

Have been with WoW&IS under Kevin Khoo for almost 18months and i have a great time under this sections. Have learned alot of things and enjoy the great moment with colleague. Every quater we will have our team outings and twice makan makan was organized by me. If you ask me to organized, sure will be Sunway Chicken Hartz Buffet. Cheap, Full & Plenty of time to chat. Heheheh, but my team have "warn" me that no more Chicken Hartz for next outing..hahahahha. Lesson Learn? Yes, If you want something, just take lead and organized it the way you want :) E.g Chicken Hartz. If you don't dare to take lead, just say thank you to organizer for the full tummy :)

Last Message that i would like to share with the world and is the most happiest moments of my life.
My Wife Joan is 7 months pregnant!!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sparkling Chanteuse - Home made Bracelet, Earrings, etc

Hehehehe, my wife open the 1 e-shop selling home made bracelet, neckless, earrings and so on.

All the design are unique and you can't get it outside.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Day

Today is one of our big day....Our wedding dinner 11th Sep 2011 (911) @ IOI Mall Dynasty Dragon. Now is 1.46pm, few hours more to go and im a bit nervous. Both my family and joan family also no experience on this. But we managed to get everything prepare..hopefully tonite everything will go smooth....

Next week 18th Sep is my chinese ceremony. We will held it at kl my house Puchong. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

10th yrs Dating Anniversary - 5th July 2010

Time really pass very fast. 5th of July 2010 marked our 10th yrs dating anniversary. Still remember we started dating during College time. And now.....10th yrs. But we still got a very long way to go...i believe we can do it......

This year, we have a dinner at Subang Wind Mill. Booked a table for two and we order food and drinks. I ordered chicken chop with spagethi and she order fish chop and chicken chop.. come with bread, soup, main course, jelly and coffee. Nice environment and we have a very happy dinner......... :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Night @ DiGi Contact Centre 18 June 2010

Night @ DiGi Contact Centre was really eye opening for me. This is a program organise by Contact Centre. All DiGi staff can make an appointment to visit Contact Centre @ night. 1 day only limited to 4 participants. Only 2 section pernight. Guy will be 10pm - 3am and Girl will be 7pm to 12am. So when you reached Contact Centre at 10am, you will be guided by the team lead/ traffice controller incharge of that night. Will show you around the place, explained of what normally happen at night, what a CC staff can and cannot do. Divided into few shift and handle different call language. So we will given an opportunity to listen to the communication between customer and staff but we are not allow to said anything. 10pm - 12am, there are alot of call come in but mostly is normal call. 12am - 3am, call very less and when reach 3am onwards, alot of prank call/ nonsense call coming in. Got 1 guy call him and talk nonsense things to the cc girl..But all call was handle professionally, cc staff will repeat three time that this is not related to DiGi product and will end the call. After 3 repeat, CC Staff end the call.

The call was so frequent that cc staff will need to act fast on responding and also logging the call. None stop...i can feel the stess coming in coz sometimes the customer will ask silly question and keep on repeating the same things...if you want me to sit and talk and talk and solve customer problem..i think will go crazy....Really need to give 5 stars to DiGi CC Staff for their way on handling customer... Great WORK...........

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1st day Pre-Wedding Shot - Port Dickson

Thanks god, thanks weather is extremly good. No rain at all and the color of the sky is extremly beautiful..

Morning around 9am, wakeup and bring my car to wash. 10.15am go for a breakfast with Joan. 11.05am reached Love Vision @ SS2. Joan makeup 1st then follow by me. Around 1pm start car to Port Dickson. Myself, Joan, photographer Danny, Makeup artist Lisa and the assistant Rachel, 5 of us in a car. Around 1.45pm reached PD and start the shooting. At 1st was quite nervous and not sure how to stand but luckily Danny is there to guide us. We went for few places to shot and around 6.30pm, we kautim the shooting. So damn tired but happy :) So all of us go back SS2, around 8pm reached LV. Tomorrow another day to go...but indoor should be better coz no need to worry on the weather too much and is inside air-cond room :)

What to bring on 1st day prewedding shot (Guy):
  1. Formal Shirt (White shirt & Black pant)
  2. Jeans (Dark blue)
  3. Leather shoe
  4. No need dye your hair
  5. No need gel your hair
  6. Remember use deodorant
  7. Bring tissue paper, you will sweat alot during shot out
  8. Dont worry on your makeup, makeup artist will use Ampior to hold your makeup.
  9. Relax and enjoy the process